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15 Aug 2013

This report evaluates offender and victim satisfaction with New South Wales (NSW) Youth Justice Conferences (YJCs) immediately after conference participation and to re-assess victim satisfaction 4 months after the conference date.


14 Feb 2013

The aim of this study was to determine whether the introduction of the Young Offenders Act had any impact on (a) the probability that a young offender will receive a custodial order 1; and (b) the time taken to receive a first custodial order. These...

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1 Jan 2013

Background: Diabetes in pregnancy carries an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes for both the mother and foetus, but it also provides an excellent early opportunity for intervention in the life course for both mother and baby. In the context of the escalating epidemic of...


25 Mar 2012

This paper examines public opinion and support for restorative justice initiatives for theft/vandalism and assault offences across NSW in 2011.

Method: An independent market research company completed 2,530 telephone interviews with NSW residents over a 4-week period.

Results: There was widespread...


31 Dec 2011

This paper assesses whether the philosophy of the Young Offenders Act (YOA) is being adhered to in respect to the nature of offences being diverted and the use of the hierarchical approach to sanctioning.

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