This bulletin reveals areas of the country which require major regeneration of residential, energy, water and communications infastructure, better known as 'grey fields'. Greyfield residential precincts are defined as under-utilised property assets located in the middle suburbs of large Australian cities, where residential building stock is failing (physically, technologically and environmentally) and energy, water and communications infrastructure is in need of regeneration.The panel investigated how parcels of land could be assembled for higher-density redevelopment at the scale of the precinct and how innovative design and construction methods could make these developments more socially and environmentally sustainable.  Regeneration of residential ‘greyfield’ areas in Australia’s capital cities aims to improve affordability and sustainability. Achieving these outcomes requires an integrated and strategic response from policy-makers and developers across the domains of finance, planning, design, construction technology and community engagement. This Research and Policy Bulletin provides details of the key findings and policy implications from the completed AHURI research project Towards a new development model for housing regeneration in greyfield precincts (Investigative Panel).

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