Can we trust telcos on consumer rights?

16 Feb 2012

The Communications Alliance has presented the revised Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code to the regulator, but will it be accepted? Do the revisions mean a real change for consumers?

In this edition of Twisted Wire, the CEO of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, (ACCAN), says the industry can't be trusted to self-regulate when it comes to consumer protection. If she is right then that could see the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) rewriting the rule book and introducing new regulations for telcos to adhere to.

John Stanton is more optimistic. As CEO of the Communications Alliance, he has worked closely on the production of the Consumer Protection Code describing it as heralding a new era of customer service.

He might be right, but, as you'll hear in this edition of Twisted Wire, there's a lot of work to be done. If the code doesn't do its job then tougher controls by the ACMA are inevitable. The question is, will they wait long or simply reject the industry's attempt out of hand?

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