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17 Feb 2017

This resource is a summary of the outcome of the ACT election, held in October 2016.

It was an unusual election in that it saw little movement in party support from the previous election in 2012 and no fringe parties or candidates were elected....


21 Jan 2013

The 2012 ACT Election held on October 20 was in many ways a mirror image of the previous election in 2008. In 2012 the ALP received a small swing to it after suffering a large swing against it in 2008. The Liberals achieved a large...


20 Feb 2012

While a large battle looms once again for the APL leadership, this paper provides an insider's view of a more orderly, though no less intense, ALP contest and Andrew Leigh's eventual preselection for the Canberra seat of Fraser.

Fear and loathing on ANZAC eve?...

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