Listening but not hearing: a response to the NTER Stronger Futures Consultations June to August 2011

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The Stronger Futures consultation process was conducted on a large scale in over 100 Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory between June and August 2011, culminating in the Stronger Futures Bills currently before the Australian Parliament.

This report reviews the consultation process in the pre-consultation, consultation and post-consultation stages, including analysis of transcripts of a representative sample of consultation meetings.

Further, the report reviews the consultation process against the applicable criteria for classification of governmental initiatives as ‘special measures’ and concludes that the criteria are not met.

The report does not deal with the substantive provisions of the proposed legislation but primarily addresses the consultation process itself.

Report prepared by Alastair Nicholson, Nicole Watson, Alison Vivian, Craig Longman, Terry Priest, Jason De Santolo, Paddy Gibson, Larissa Behrendt and Eva Cox.

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