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27 Mar 2017


In the fifth decade of the internet, accessibility for all, especially those with disabilities, is central to digital inclusion. Yet internationally, the score card on internet and accessibility remains mixed, at best; and woefully inadequate, at worst. Via an Australian case study,...

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31 Aug 2016

In a rare good news story for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Dr Scott Hollier, Media Access Australia’s Specialist Advisor, Digital Accessibility, undertook an accessibility review of the 9 August 2016 Census, and found that the online survey form was largely accessible to people with...


15 Jun 2016

Dr Scott Hollier, the Director of Digital Accessibility for Media Access Australia, launched The Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide at the 2016 Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities conference in Melbourne.

The new guide has been designed to deliver practical,...


15 Mar 2012

Media Access Australia have released a review of the accessibility of the most popular social media platforms for people with a disability. The review also includes practical tips and workarounds, developed in consultation with social media users who have a disability. The SociABILITY resources include...

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