Working paper

The Technologies learning area focuses on the purposeful use of technologies knowledge, understanding, and skills including the creative processes that assist people to select and utilise materials, information, systems, tools and equipment to design and realise solutions.



The draft Shape Paper proposes directions for the development of the national Technologies curriculum for Years F–12. Following analysis of consultation feedback the draft document will be revised and then published as the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies.

Teachers, parents and other stakeholders in the Technologies field, and members of the broader community are all encouraged to comment on the draft Shape paper through the online questionnaire.

All feedback provided during the consultation period (14 March to 3 June 2012) will be analysed by ACARA to guide the revision of the draft Shape paper before it is published as The Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies. The final Shape Paper will guide the next stage of Technologies curriculum development.

ACARA encourages and welcomes your feedback to the draft Shape Paper for Technologies.

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