Australian local government bicycle account 2011

19 Mar 2012

In January 2012 the Australian Bicycle Council released the results of Local Government and Cycling Survey undertaken in July 2011.

The survey is an initiative of the Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-16, which aims to double the number of Australians cycling by 2016.

The survey was undertaken to understand at a national level:

  • how councils prioritise and fund cycling initiatives
  • the types and extent of cycling infrastructure in place
  • how the Australian Bicycle Council can better facilitate local government encouragement of cycling

A similar survey was undertaken in 2007 which has provided comparative data and allows us, for the first time, to track progress at a local government level across Australia.

Key results

  • Councils responding to the survey spent more than $72 million on bicycle-related programs in 2009-10.
  • Survey participants reported receiving $26m from Australian government and $26 m from State governments.
  • More than two thirds of responding councils either have a bicycle strategy or are working towards one.
  • There has been a significant increase in the proportion of councils undertaking cycling counts from 12% in 2007 to 21% in 2011.
  • As at June 2010, councils responding to the survey reported having constructed 11,704km of cycling infrastructure. When their cycle networks are complete the infrastructure will measure 17,842km.
  • Survey participants reported the installation of 508 sporting and recreational facilities including: 36 velodromes, 113 mountain biking facilities and 360 BMX/skate facilities.


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