Skills developed through vocational education and training (VET) are key drivers of greater social and economic mobility.

Having the opportunity to develop skills builds bridges into work at any stage of life. The more skills people have, the more likely they are to be employed, and work in better paying jobs. The Commonwealth Government is reforming our national training system so more Australian families have the opportunity to get the skills needed to get decent jobs.
All working age Australians to have a guarantee of a training place to get their first certificate III qualification including the foundation skills for more Australians to have the reading, writing and numeracy skills needed in the modern workplace.
All students to have access to an income-contingent loan, to make it more affordable to do a government subsidised diploma or advanced diploma; so that they can study without paying for the upfront fees until they earn a good wage; students to have easy to access information about courses and training providers, including information on cost, quality and job prospects, through a new My Skills website.
Students to be able to track the training they have done, because this will help them in applying for jobs and in deciding what future training to do, through a new Unique Student Identifier; students to be guaranteed quality when they undertake training and to know that training providers meet high performance standards;

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