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29 May 2012

Not since the Cold War has events in the Indian Ocean Region resonated so much in Australia. Based on extensive research, this reference document is designed to provide an readily accessible source of information to assist Australian policymakers to better understand the Indian Ocean Region....


23 May 2012

As a major troop-contributing nation to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan, Australia’s relations with Afghanistan have rapidly taken on new dimensions since troops were first deployed in Uruzgan Province.

As Afghanistan’s current Ambassador to Australia, Nasir Andisha, spoke to Sergei DeSilva-Ranasinghe about the changing...


26 Mar 2012

As a result of ongoing regional and extra-regional operational deployments, the New Zealand Army has transformed into a land force capable of operating in diverse environments and situations.

In this context, Major General Tim Keating, who commands the New Zealand Army, talked to Sergei...


3 Apr 2011

In September 2009, the Australian Defence Force launched Operation Padang Assist in response to the massive earthquake that devastated the north-western Indonesian archipelago, this feature interview outlines the relief and support effort given to the Indonesian people by the ADF.

Reflecting on the mission,...

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