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31 Jul 2019

To gain a better understanding of online consumer fraud, the AIC worked with the ACCC to compare a matched sample of victims and non-victims. This study aimed to identify and quantify the factors that make some individuals more vulnerable to consumer fraud than others. The...


5 Jul 2019

The Australian government is committed to tackling fraud against the Commonwealth by supporting research into the extent of the problem and promoting the development and use of fraud control practices to reduce risks and to detect and deal with fraud in a timely and effective...


5 Apr 2019

This report examines the differences between victims of online fraud and those who shop or socialise online but are not victimised. The objective was to isolate those critical personal and behavioural indicators that make some individuals more vulnerable to online fraud than others.


4 Apr 2019

This study examines how police use CCTV footage in criminal investigations. Structured interviews were conducted with 146 sworn members of the NSW Police Force who had recently requested footage from the NSW rail system’s network of CCTV cameras.


30 Dec 2018

This report assesses the cost and impact of identity crime and misuse in Australia for the 2015–16 financial year. It presents data and information from Commonwealth, state and territory agencies, as well as from the private sector and other non-government sources.

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