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30 Jun 2013

This paper argues that cinema's place in the media and entertainment economy is again being challenged.


Around three decades ago, multi-screen complexes began to transform the business and culture of cinema in Australia. New screens built in new locations and environments...


16 Apr 2012

Online video has grown rapidly in recent years. One in five Australians (14 years and over) reported viewing online video via a PC 'in the last four weeks' in 2010, nearly double the figure in 2008, according to Roy Morgan. Other researchers estimate much higher...

Conference paper

15 Dec 2010

It is well known that Australia has one of the highest concentrations of media ownership in the world. One is entitled to ask why this matters. The answers are several; some universal and others particular to the Australian setting. It is generally thought that liberal,...

Conference paper

16 Dec 2009

In its April 2008 Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework, the Productivity Commission identified problems with the coverage of the various schemes for handling consumer complaints about communications services. It raised a number of longer-term possibilities, including 'a single consumer entry point for communications services...


3 Sep 2009

This report brings together consumer-focused case studies across telecommunications and mobiles, the Internet, affordability and broadcasting.

This collection of fundamental consumer issues and policy analyses sketches out the field of play for consumer advocacy moving forwards.

• In the Telecommunications and Mobile area...

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