Drying up: what to do about droughts in the People's Republic of China

Environment Republicanism China

This publication consolidates the highlights from several recent ADB technical assistance studies that relate to improving disaster risk management and water resources management in the China.

The studies provided good references for examining how the PRC could holistically and simultaneously address its issues of water scarcity—especially drought, environmental degradation, fragmented and uncoordinated management, and climate-related disasters. This publication also represents current thinking in the Ministry of Water Resources, with whom ADB worked closely on developing this knowledge product.
It reflects the ministry’s own sense of what the country’s biggest challenges are and where the country is situated along the road to developing efficient institutions, lost and damaged resources, and responsible water usage. With a high level of government awareness, desire, and urgency to build resilience to droughts and consume resources at a more sustainable rate, the question becomes how to achieve this at the municipal level.

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