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18 Oct 2017

This article examines an alleged terrorist plot uncovered in Sydney in late July 2017 and assesses its implications for the Islamic State’s approach to external operations.

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14 Aug 2017

Is there a way to think about terrorism without politics? Do counter-terrorism responses make us safer? What are sensible ways to sift through news reports about acts of terror? Andrew Zammit takes us through these and other questions.

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22 Jun 2017

The destruction of Mosul's Al Nuri mosque is another reminder that Islamic State's main victims have been Muslims.

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19 Jun 2017

This article examines the 2015 Anzac Day terror plot and traces how the Melbourne-based perpetrator received online instructions on four components of the intended attack: choosing targets, making tactical preparations, maintaining commitment, and ensuring publicity.

Journal article

10 Mar 2017


The jihadi threat within Australia has transformed. Terror plots have become more frequent, with up to 16 occurring since September 2014, but have also become less ambitious. Australian jihadism has evolved since the 1990s following international developments, most recently the Syrian civil...

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