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9 Feb 2016


The link between the use of alcohol, other drugs and crime continues to be a concern in communities throughout Australia. In regional Western Australia, little is known about the patterns of substance use and crime. In an attempt to better understand a...


7 Jan 2014

An index of community engagement toolkits, guides, manuals, templates and training courses assessed for their suitability for rural-remote and Indigenous councils.

Improved community engagement is one of the key priorities identified in ACELG’s Capacity Building Strategy for Rural-remote and Indigenous Local Government. Research by...


18 Jun 2012

This current study aims to examine the relationship between amphetamine use and crime among police detainees in Western Australia. Further, the study provides a brief profile of detainee amphetamine users and compares this with the profile of a non-user.

Amphetamines have been increasingly available...


11 May 2012

This study provides a summary of key issues raised in prior reviews of the literature and research on the impacts of fly-in/fly-out, driveIn/drive-out (FIFO/DIDO) work practices and, where appropriate, supplement this with other recent literature found. Furthermore, given the nature of ACELG’s modus operandi, the...


1 Jan 2012

This report presents the findings of the first phase of an investigation into models for the funding and delivery of local government services in remote Indigenous communities in Australia.

A set of guiding principles critical to the design of any model for funding and...

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