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15 Feb 2013

This report summarises a vast literature in relation to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people and both mental health and alcohol and other drug problems. Overall, the team located more than 500 published papers.

The report focuses on two aspects:

The prevalence...


21 May 2012

This bulletin summarises data from a nationally representative survey of Australians on the legal status of drugs.

It draws an important distinction between what Australians think about “legalisation” versus “decriminalisation”, and what Australians think about different types of drugs (four drugs are compared: cannabis,...


28 Sep 2010

News media ought to be recognised as one of the factors that can affect attitudes towards and demand for illicit drugs and there is an opportunity to expand use of news media to shape youth attitudes to drugs.

This research funded by the Commonwealth...

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