Cities, cultural policy and governance: the cultures and globalization

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The cities, cultural policy and governance presentation examines how governance and cultural policy play out in a national and international framework, and covers issues that fully comprehend a city's cultural dynamics and its impact on policy including alternative economies, creativity, migration, diversity, sustainability, education and urban planning. The book is ideal for students, scholars and researchers interested in sociology, urban studies, cultural studies, and public policy. Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance is the fifth in a series of major works gathering together leading international scholarship on culture and globalization.
In common with previous volumes, Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance features Australian-based contributors including Ramon Lobato, Stuart Cunningham, Terry Flew, Mark Gibson, Justin O'Connor and Gu Xin. Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance was launched on 29 May by Gay Hawkins, Professorial Research Fellow and Deputy Director Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Queensland. This was followed by a panel with co-editor Yudhishthir Raj Isar, and volume contributors Justin O'Connor and Stuart Cunningham.

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