A communiqué from the Horizon Project retreat

Schools Information technology

This communiqué identifies ten global meta-trends likely to affect classrooms and teaching this decade.

In a world where libraries are completely reinventing themselves, where universities and schools are moving away from labs to BYOD, and where the focus of everything seems to be on mobiles — what will be the role of technology in the next decade? What do leading institutions need to be doing now to prepare? What are the strategies that will provide them the most flexibility? The greatest competitive advantage?

On January 24-26, 2012, one hundred distinguished thought leaders from all over the world were invited to come together in Austin to mark the tenth anniversary of the New Media Consortium's Horizon Project with a very special convocation and retreat.

Over its decade of work, the Horizon Project has grown to the point that it may very well be producing the single most important body of research into emerging technology within the world of education. With more than one million downloads and 27 translations in the past ten years, the NMC Horizon Report series provides the higher education, K-12, and museum communities across the globe a key strategic technology planning tool that is continuously refreshed and updated.

The NMC and the Horizon Project are best known for its flagship Horizon Reports that focus on higher education and K-12 globally, but the research into the uptake of technology goes far beyond what is published in those key publications. The NMC does extensive work regionally around the world as well, working with ministries of education and other key groups to produce specialized reports for Latin America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and is currently working on projects in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan), while planning projects for Brazil, India, and Africa. The NMC Horizon Project research is truly global in scope and reach.

Dr. Larry Johnson, CEO of the NMC, and Dr. Lev Gonick, VP and CIO at Case Western Reserve University and Board Chair Emeritus of the NMC, worked together as Horizon Project Retreat Co-Chairs to plan a very special event to mark the milestone, tapping into energy and expertise from all over the world via the 100 experts who served on past NMC Horizon Project Advisory Boards and collectively represented every sector of formal and informal education. Leaders from six companies joined the dialogs as event co-sponsors: Hewlett Packard, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Apollo Research Institute, Enterprise Hive, Cisco, and Quantum Thinking.


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