Future of publishing

Great Britain

This report provides an overview of how companies and individuals which make up the commercial publishing sector in the South West of England are using digital innovations to create profit from literature.

Literature itself encompasses many forms (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, blogs, apps, interactive gaming, lyrics, theatre writing etc.) all of which have a tailored approach to the use, development and dissemination of digital content.

For the purposes of this study we are focussing on what could be considered the traditional’ publishing sector model, that of fiction publishing. In particular we will look at regional publishing sector development in its national and global contexts, focussing on:
• Scoping the economic impact of the publishing sector in the South West.
• Identifying the key challenges of the existing sector in terms of business models.
• Establishing key potential areas for change (from the basic through to the radically
• Identifying key challenges for future business development in these potential
areas for change.
• Providing a route map for potential business model development and innovation
for the publishing industry at various levels of engagement.
• Sharing and disseminating this research.
• Establishing a development / research network for publishing in the South West of England

The core of the report is a set of case studies which have been developed via a series of workshops commissioned by Cyprus Well as part of their Future of Publishing Programme (FoP). This initiative, funded by iNET as part of the European business development fund managed by South West Screen, has provided a series of workshops, activities, interviews and a conference to support the publishing industry; offering practical insights into the products, services, and businesses that are an essential part of it.

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