School guidelines and procedures students with disabilities policy

Schools Australia Northern Territory

These guidelines provide a framework for the delivery of teaching and learning practices and the provision of services and support, to ensure that all students with disabilities can enjoy the benefits of education in a supportive environment that values diversity, inclusion and participation. 
The policy aligns with the Special Education Support Services (SESS) package which offers a continuum of services to students.  
Fact sheets, guidelines and other support materials have been produced to provide guidance and direction for the implementation of the policy and are available on the students with disabilities policy and support materials website.
The key messages underpinning all of the materials are:
Recognise that students with disabilities have the right to have special accommodations made so they have an equal opportunity to have an education. 
Use the full range of school and systemic resources in a flexible manner to meet the changing needs of students with disabilities.
Know where teachers have made adjustments in their overall programs, unit plans and assessments.
Students with disabilities are everyone’s business, not just the special education teacher or Student Services.

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