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The code of school behaviour (The Code) outlines a consistent standard of behaviour for all state school communities in Queensland, inclusive of students, staff and parents. The Code recognises the close relationship between learning, achievement and behaviour and has been developed to deliver the best possible outcomes for students. School communities use The Code as a basis for providing: positive support to promote high standards of achievement and behaviour clearly articulated responses and consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Essential to effective learning is a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment that respects: the rights of all students to learn the rights of teachers to teach the rights of all to be safe. Schools provide a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment through: quality practices in the areas of curriculum, interpersonal relationships and school organisation fair, just and safe practices that comply with relevant legislation modelling and practising fair, equitable, non-discriminatory language and behaviours maximising the educational and social outcomes of all students through identification and reduction of barriers to learning, especially for those vulnerable to marginalisation and exclusion consideration and use of suspension and exclusion procedures only when all other approaches have been exhausted.

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