The primary purpose of this document is to support all schools in Tasmania to manage drug-related matters in a framework that emphasises the educational and health implications of unsanctioned and illicit drug use among young people. This Schools Drug Education Project is a joint project involving all Government, Catholic and Independent schools and forms an important element of the Tasmanian Safe Schools. Tasmanian schools will have in place structures and processes for dealing with drug-related issues that are consistent with nationally accepted protocols and with the principles of harm minimisation. Structures and processes will be designed to ensure: an emphasis on prevention through education, information and safe, supportive school environments intervention through appropriate policies and procedures for dealing with incidents involving the possession, use and/or distribution of illicit and other unsanctioned drugs appropriate support for students directly and indirectly involved in drug-related incidents. A most significant appendix to the policy is the formal Memorandum of Understanding between Tasmania Police and the Department of Education establishing protocols for managing drug-related incidents in schools. The Memorandum describes the relationship between police and schools in managing drug-related incidents, a relationship firmly bedded in the philosophy upon which the School Drug Education Project in Tasmania is based.  

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