The mental health and wellbeing of the school community is central to key Department of Education and Training policies and initiatives. The approach being adopted for the school-based promotion of health and wellbeing and the prevention of mental health problems has the following features: The Health Promoting Schools Framework provides students with positive experiences and structures that promote and protect their health A risk-focused prevention helps schools determine the specific factors in the school environment that might be targets for intervention A prevention-treatment spectrum identifies the different levels or types of interventions that schools might consider. The Pathways to Health and Wellbeing in Schools: a focus paper advocates for a whole school approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing. Adoption of this approach will see increased protective factors and reduced risk factors, resulting in improved mental health and wellbeing for all members of the school community. It seeks to: enhance the school community’s understanding of mental health and well-being; promote the health and wellbeing focus area in school communities; and encourage schools and districts to begin exploring the implications of mental health promotionand mental health issues for their work.  

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