The barriers for proliferation of interactive television (ITV) in Australia in the period 1999-­2007

Information technology Digital television Australia

Interactive television (ITV) could well be described as a rising research area. The digitalization of networks, as well as broadband penetration, makes it once again a contemporary issue. However, it can hardly be called an overworked area of Australian television studies.
This article assesses multiple reasons behind the Australian failure to adopt this technology in the period 1999­2007. iTV did not open feasible revenue streams for broadcasters. Its role was complementary to the digital TV services o ered by current incumbent providers.
The interactive potential of the Internet supported by users' engagement started to fulfil the promises of iTV and o ered more collaborative service propositions. Still, at this point, neither TV nor the Internet provides fully viable business models for iTV. Instead there has been a flux of online and o line revenue models and continuing uncertainty about the future of media.

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