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9 Dec 2016

Temporary migrants play an important role in Australia’s workforce and student population. Little is known, however, about the migration mechanisms temporary migrants use and the associated risks these may involve.

This paper examines the role of migration brokers in alleged and finalised cases of...


24 Nov 2016

Between 2008 and 2015 over 305,000 people were reported missing in Australia, an average of 38,159 reports each year. Youths aged 13–17 years were most likely to go missing; half of all people reported missing between 2008 and 2015 were in this age group and...


10 Nov 2015

There has been little research conducted on the experiences of migrant sex workers both internationally and within Australia. This is despite widespread media and other reports highlighting the perception of migrant sex workers as particularly vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. This report focuses on...


25 Feb 2015

An examination of the feasibility and logistics of monitoring human trafficking and slavery, and the options available to perform this monitoring activity.

Abstract As part of its Human Trafficking and Slavery Research Program, the Australian Institute of Criminology has undertaken a technical examination...


30 Jul 2014

This audit examined crime and safety issues in the Northern Territory urban communities of Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs to help inform effective strategies to reduce the actual and perceived risk of victimisation.


This Special Report is a research driven response...

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