Australian economic indicators, Jul 2012

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This release provides economic statistics, presenting comprehensive tables, graphs, commentaries, feature articles and technical notes.

Primarily a reference document, the publication provides a broad basis for analysis and research on the Australian economy and includes statistics that can be applied to both macro-economic and sectoral analyses. The publication contains statistics under the following headings: national accounts, international accounts, consumption and investment, production, prices, labour force and demography, incomes and labour costs, financial markets, state comparisons and international comparisons.

The Australian Economic Indicators publication (cat. no. 1350.0) commenced in February 1991 to present key economic data in a compendium publication. With significant advances in technology since then, all of the information provided in this publication can now be obtained freely through the ABS Website, ABS data services or other websites. As a result, the Australian Economic Indicators publication will be discontinued, and this is the final issue.

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