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Report of the Australia India Institute Perceptions Taskforce: beyond the lost decade

17 Jul 2012

This report discusses the key issues arising from the Australia-India relationship and presents them from both viewpoints.

It draws conclusions and proposes recommendations for action that the Taskforce members believe will create more robust Australia-India ties. The problems of the past reflected different histories and social and political realities. But interests are converging and people-to-people ties and economic and security cooperation will grow. At times provocative, but always insightful, this report is a must-read, not just for policy-makers, but anyone with a stake in closer relations between Australia and its Asian neighbours, especially India.

Authored by John McCarthy AO, Sanjaya Baru, Gopalaswami Parthasarathy, Maxine McKew, Ashok Malik, and Christopher Kremmer.

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