Understanding the Australian vocational education and training workforce

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A comprehensive picture of the overall vocational education and training (VET) market combined with an updated profile of the VET workforce is essential to informing policy development and workforce planning to ensure the sector has the capacity to meet the skill development needs of industry in a rapidly changing economy.

This report presents estimates of the size and nature of the Australian VET workforce as at February 2019. Using data collected between March and May 2019 through the 2019 National VET Workforce Survey, the report provides an estimate of the number of individuals working in registered training organisations (RTOs), with a particular focus on the qualifications held by trainers and assessors. Information is also presented for volunteers, who play an important role in some RTOs.

The survey collected information from all RTOs with students in 2017 that were registered on the National Register of VET ( at 31 January 2019. Trainers and assessors who delivered nationally recognised VET under third party partnering arrangements in providers that were not RTOs, which is undertaken in some schools and businesses, were not included in the survey. This means that the survey estimates are likely to be an under-estimate of the total national trainer and assessor workforce.

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