Australia has been highly successful at managing the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on local health outcomes.

The next set of considerations for governments is how restrictions can be carefully lifted to allow a phased, risk-based return to greater freedom for normal day to day personal and business activity. The Business Council of Australia welcomes that the National Cabinet has started to map out the road ahead.

The business community stands ready to step-up and stand side by side with state and federal governments to safely re-open the economy and to provide and promote safe workplaces for employees, customers, and suppliers.

The Business Council of Australia proposes a risk management approach. This can be achieved by lifting restrictions on activities and locations by setting best practice workplace health and safety standards, aggressively pursuing mass testing and the adoption of opt-in technology to assist with tracing and tracking outbreaks of the virus.

The critical elements of the strategy include:

  1. Keeping employees, customers, and suppliers safe – enhanced workplace safety standards.
  2. Rebuilding confidence – partnership between governments and industry.
  3. Economic support must transition from ‘life-support’ to ‘acceleration’.
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