The work of government in achieving compliance with regulatory requirements in New Zealand today is a massive enterprise, representing a major investment in public services. It involves some 30 central government agencies, 85 local authorities, and approximately 12,000 individual staff.

This best-practice guide presents a picture of what you would expect to find happening in an effective compliance agency where the necessary elements are aligned and working together successfully. The guide outlines the core components of best-practice compliance management.

It makes available, to all those engaged in the business of achieving compliance, compliance expertise and best-practice principles.

Compliance work will be more prominent for some agencies than others; for some it will be only a secondary function. It’s intended that any government agency (or unit within an agency) with compliance functions will be able to draw on the principles and guidelines stated in this guide, and tailor them to the agency’s own particular character, functions and objectives, and to its own particular regulatory environment.

The guide is intended to be a living document. It will be updated as appropriate to cover, for example, major developments in the New Zealand public sector, other developments in best-practice thinking among compliance agencies, or changes in specific government or public-sector initiatives referred to in the guide.

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