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Regulatory institutions and practices 4.14 MB

Regulation is a pervasive feature of modern life. Its coverage stretches from the workplace to the sports field, the home to the shopping mall, and from the city to the great outdoors. When it works well, it underpins our everyday transactions and interactions, allowing us to do such things as travel within and outside of New Zealand safely, buy and sell goods and services and invest with confidence, and start businesses with ease.

This inquiry has looked at the various institutions, practices and elements that affect how regulation is designed and implemented in New Zealand. This report provides guidance, and is intended to serve as a resource, for officials and elected representatives designing new regulatory regimes in future and others with an interest in regulatory matters. It also makes recommendations for both ministers and government departments on how to make existing institutions and practices work better.

1. The purpose of this inquiry is to develop recommendations on how to improve the design of new regulatory regimes and make system-wide improvements to the operation of existing regulatory regimes in New Zealand. The inquiry is not a review of individual regulators, specific regulations or the objectives of regimes.

2. The aim is to improve the design and operation of regulatory regimes over time and ultimately improve regulatory outcomes.

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