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Australia has a rich natural and cultural heritage that underpins our sense of place and national identity and makes a positive contribution to the nation’s wellbeing. Australians value our heritage and have a strong desire to see Australia’s significant heritage places recognised and protected.

The 2015 Australian Heritage Strategy:

  • recognises that heritage is diverse and encompasses natural, historic and Indigenous values
  • considers ways in which Australia’s heritage places can be better identified and managed to ensure their long-term protection
  • explores new opportunities to support and fund heritage places
  • considers how the community enjoys, commemorates and celebrates these special places and the stories that underpin them
  • highlights how heritage can lead to increased tourism and economic returns to place managers or owners and their communities
  • makes clear that heritage identification, protection and management is a shared responsibility with state and local governments, businesses and communities
  • is to be reviewed after five years by the Australian Government, with periodic monitoring, evaluation and revision of objectives and actions as required.
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