COVIDpoll: Lowy Institute polling on Australian attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic

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COVIDpoll by the Lowy Institute reports the results of a nationally representative online and telephone survey conducted by the Social Research Centre between 14 and 27 April 2020 with a sample size of 3036 Australian adults.

Key findings:

  • Nine in ten Australians (93%) say Australia has handled COVID-19 very or fairly well so far. By contrast, a third (31%) say China has handled the outbreak well, and only one in ten Australians (10%) say the United States has handled the outbreak well.
  • A substantial majority of Australians (68%) now feel ‘less favourable towards China’s system of government’ when thinking about China’s handling of the outbreak. They hold mixed views about the impact of the crisis on China’s power: around a third (37%) say China will be ‘more powerful’ than it was before the crisis and; a quarter (27%) say it will be ‘less powerful’.
  • Australians are divided on the trajectory of US power in the post-COVID world: 53% say the United States will be less powerful; 41% see its power remaining stable and 6% see US power growing.
  • A majority of Australians (53%) want ‘more global cooperation rather than every country putting their own interests first’ during global crises. Seven in ten (70%) say globalisation is ‘mostly good for Australia’.
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