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This report presents information about the young people in Australia who were under youth justice supervision during 2018–19, both in the community and in detention. It looks at the characteristics of these young people, key aspects of their supervision, and recent trends.

Numbers in this report include young people of all ages (including those aged 18 and over) unless otherwise specified. But population rates are only calculated for young people aged 10–17, as this is the main age group for youth justice supervision in most states and territories.

This report is based on data from the YJ NMDS for all states and territories in Australia.

Key findings:

  • Of the 5,694 young people under youth justice supervision on an average day in 2018–19, most were male (80%) and supervised in the community (84%).
  • Overall rates of supervision varied among the states and territories, from 11 per 10,000 in Victoria to 61 per 10,000 in the Northern Territory.
  • Supervision fell over the 5 years from 2014–15 to 2018–19 for community-based supervision, however rose for detention. 
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