Christchurch central recovery plan

New Zealand Christchurch (NZ)

The vision is for central Christchurch to become the thriving heart of an international city. It will draw on its rich natural and cultural heritage, and the skills and passion of its people, to embrace opportunities for innovation and growth.
Building on the Christchurch City Council’s draft Central City Plan, and on over 106,000 ideas submitted by the community during the public consultation process, this Recovery Plan sets out how that vision can be achieved. The Plan defines the form of the central city, sets out the locations of key anchor projects needed to optimise recovery, and outlines block plans which show what the city could look like in the future.
During the Plan’s development, advice was sought on proposed projects from numerous community groups and organisations, such as the Community Forum. The Plan’s proposals are in line with international benchmarks for a major city and make the most of the opportunity to revisit the city’s design. In support of the already powerful Canterbury economy, the Plan also commits significant resources to develop central Christchurch into a vibrant, well-formed centre that responds to the needs not just of our generation, but also of those that follow.

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