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Contribution to the Optimization of Strategy of Maintenance by Lean Six Sigma

Quality management Algeria
The efficiency of the maintenance of the industrial systems is a major economic stake for their business concern. The main difficulties and the sources of ineffectiveness live in the choice of the actions of maintenance especially when the machine plays a vital role in the process of production. But as Algeria has embarked on major infrastructure projects in transport, housing, automobile, manufacturing industry and construction (factories, housing, highway, subway, tram, etc.) requiring new implications on maintenance strategies that meet industry requirements imposed by the exploitation. From then on and seen the importance of the maintenance on the economic market and sound impacts on the performances of the installations, methods of optimization were developed. For this purpose, to ensure the survival of businesses, be credible, contributing and competitive in the market, maintenance services must continually adapt to the progress of technical areas, technological and organizational even help maintenance managers to construct or to modify maintenance strategies, objective of this work. Our contribution in this work focuses on the optimization of maintenance for industrial systems by the use of Lean Six Sigma bases. Lean Six Sigma is a method of improving the quality and profitability based on mastering statically of process and it is also a management style that based on a highly regulated organization dedicated to managing project. The method is based on five main steps summarized in the acronym (DMAIC): Define Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Application of the method on the maintenance processes with using maintenance methods during the five phases of the method will help to reduce costs and losses in order to strive for optimum results in terms of profit and quality.
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