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The potentials of and barriers to the utilization of advanced computer systems in remote construction projects: case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Construction industry Lean principles Sustainability Saudi Arabia
Background: An extensive body of knowledge indicated the positive impact of the Advanced Computer based Management Systems (ACMS) on various aspects of project management, while highlighting barriers that hinder adoption, diffusion, and utilization of the ACMS by the construction industries around the world. Remote projects have their unique management problems and these are caused mainly by the remoteness of the project. Little research was undertaken concerning this issue, particularly in the Persian Gulf region, and it has highlighted few unique communications and management problems such as the loose control, lack of human resources, infrastructure and experience. Methods: This research investigated the use of ACMS by large companies in the Eastern province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and how it would help these companies sorting out a number of present projects´┐Ż management problems. Subsequently, a field study i.e. a questionnaire survey and interviews was carried out. Result: The field study revealed significant association between frequent management problems with little use of ACMS and the domination of use of traditional communications and management systems. This paper argues that the use of traditional systems and the traditional way of sorting out construction problems limit the applicability of ACMS. Conclusion: The present researchers recommend the use of customized ACMS associated with the application of lean and sustainable management principals as these would help overcoming barriers and providing intelligent solution for the strategic, technical, and social issues of the remote construction sites.
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