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The hiring of subcontractors for construction is widely adopted in the construction industry, so a good relationship between the subcontractors and contractors is essential for the success of the project. However, there is still a need to analyze how the subcontractors can improve their performance based on a collaborative planning process and their relationship with all participants in the project. This paper aims to discuss the impact of the Phase Schedule in the production planning and control focusing on the subcontractor's viewpoint and how this process assists their performance and participation. To do that, an in-depth case study was developed from April to November 2016, involving the implementation of the Last Planner System focusing on the Phase Schedule technique, including cycles of monitoring through performance measures, as well as data collection through interviews, focusing on the perception of subcontractor's and contractor's concerning the impact of using Phase Scheduling in the planning process. The results show the reinforcement of teamwork and the sense of collaboration identified during the implementation lead to a positive participation and performance of the subcontractors in the Phase Schedule planning process.
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