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Several methods exist for design management such as Agile project management, the Last Planner System, and configuration in diverse variants. Construction can be realized using different degrees of pre-engineering i.e. different production strategies, which can affect the design management method. The research aim is to describe different design management methods and discuss their capacity to function in existing production strategies in construction. Data was collected as secondary data from earlier publications on Agile project management, the Last Planner system, configuration, and visual planning. Agile project management has a strong focus on customer value and lends itself well to situations with little pre-engineering. The Last Planner System in design has a strong focus on the co-creation of flow and coordination of actions. In industrialised housing a dialect of Last Planner System named KI-VP is implemented drawing upon predefinition of design tasks through standardized work. Configuration is the ultimate predefined design stage, where everything can be automated based on product variants.
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