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Construction sector is undergoing a paradigm shift with the adoption and implementation of new technologies concepts. One among these concepts is Lean Construction, which improves productivity, allocation of construction drawings, detailing, time management, costs control, people management and safety at construction sites. For the effective adoption of Lean construction, professionals require basic understanding of the concepts. To facilitate this, construction and engineering management programs need to introduce Lean concepts in their curriculum, educating students about relevant thoughts and philosophy. The Lean approaches would take them a notch higher concerning productive future career prospects in the construction industry. For this study, data has been collected from various colleges and universities of South India. Research data was collected through semi-structured questionnaires in addition to semi-structured interview. Results of this study provided extraordinary views which is beneficial for curriculum designers and even the top management of construction. The main aim of the study is to determine the current scenarios of Lean teaching and practicing in the industry and demand rate/ awareness about the Lean Teaching. This paper helps in understanding the current status of Lean adoption in academia and also in construction industry.

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