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Conference paper

End user satisfaction is one of the major indices that attest to the success of a project in terms of adding value to the client. Therefore, in order to rate the overall functions of a facility, the fulfilment of end users' needs is to be taken into consideration during the whole project phase (i.e. design through operation). Many clients believe that allocating more resources to the project automatically guarantees the success of the project. What they fail to realize is that in most cases, success, which should be translated in end user satisfaction, relies more on how the project was thought of, planned, constructed and delivered. This paper presents the case study of a high-budget engineering complex. In this study, different end users of the facility were prompted to fill a comprehensive survey about the overall quality of the complex. Interviews were also conducted with the client representative and other parties who were involved during the design/construction phases. After results were analysed and compared, an evident contradiction was detected: end user satisfaction rates were relatively low whereas client's representative overall satisfaction was optimistically high. Lean methods and tools were suggested that could be used to improve the design and delivery of similar facilities and establish a higher end user satisfaction rate.

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