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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is recognized as an enabler for proficient accomplishment of projects in construction industry at different levels. Various benefits have been achieved globally through BIM implementations including enhanced visualization, collaboration between stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, time and cost savings, value engineering, change management and many others. Harnessing the BIM capabilities efficiently to gain maximum benefits on the projects can be a major milestone for the Indian built environment sector. For this study, BIM has been identified as an effective process for achieving various lean benefits for construction projects in India. The project envision BIM as a catalyst for improving the current scenario of Indian construction sector. The paper is based on exploration case based research methodology wherein, both literature review and semi-structured interview have been done. Relationship between BIM and lean by studying the use of various BIM capabilities on construction projects from initiation stage till operations and maintenance stage has been established. Lean benefits corresponding to each BIM capability has been reported upon validating in discussions with the industry experts and literature review.

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