According to the February 2017 Mckinsey Global Institute report, construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the world economy with $10 trillion spending, 13% of GDP contribution and 7% employment opportunity annually. However, the sector labor productivity for the past two decades couldn't exceed 1% a year while the total world economy and the manufacturing sector has been grown by 2.8 and 3.6 % respectively. As a result of this, the industry loss a value of $1.6 trillion a year that would meet about half of the world's annual infrastructure needs or boost global GDP by 2 %. According to this report, Ethiopia is the last in the list of countries with poor productivity. Considering the above fact, this study assess building construction projects in Ethiopia with respect to the common types of waste in order to identify the most important waste in Ethiopian building construction projects. Accordingly the study confirmed that close to 40% of the project time is wasted in performing non value adding activities due to over production, over processing, Transport, motion and waiting related wastes.
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