Social justice and the future of fire insurance in Australia

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This report asks policymakers, and society more broadly, to reflect on the values that guide our insurance models in the light of climate-induced extremes like the 2019-20 megafires in Australia.

The report proposes the adoption of an alternative insurance model which will ensure housing security for future generations. It recommends government-led insurance, similar to the Medicare model, as the most ethical approach.

Key findings:

  • The frequency and severity of climate extremes— including those that initiate and exacerbate bushfires— is increasing at an alarming rate. Because of this, 1 in 20 Australian homes could be uninsurable by the end of the century.
  • Australia can no longer operate its bushfire insurance regime according to a purely market-based distribution of risk model.
  • Bushfire insurance should be more like medicare than current home insurance.
  • There are intergenerational unfairness implications for market based insurance models.
  • The best approach for the Australian bushfire insurance regime is a model based on fairness as social justice.
  • Ensuring that a bushfire insurance regime is both just and practicable will require the simultaneous creation of additional supportive policies and potential limitations on insurance coverage.
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