Scenario planning for Melbourne's peri-urban region

8 Aug 2011

Peri-urban areas form belts of non-urban land fringing metropolitan centres. They usually contain important natural resources, remnant biodiversity and significant landscapes. These areas are under increasing worldwide threat from development and overuse.

RMIT Peri-urban region research examines characteristics of peri-urban regions and impacts of settlement patterns and other drivers of change on land use, vegetation, agriculture and water.

The goal of this research is to assist planners and policy makers to make strategic, informed decisions about the future of these valuable regions.


This report was undertaken by a team of researchers based at the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning. The report was commissioned by the Peri-Urban Group of Rural Councils managed through the Shire of Moorabool and with administrative support provided by staff at Moorabool Council. The report was prepared with funding from Sustainability Victoria through the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord.

Authors: Michael Buxton, Amaya Alvarez, Andrew Butt, Stephen Farrell, Milos Pelikan, Liam Densley, Danny O'Neill

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