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Fact Check: Could asylum seekers travelling from New Zealand obtain a visa on arrival in Australia?

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Asked whether he would consider a New Zealand offer to resettle asylum seekers from Nauru and Manus Island, Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton said the plan would be a "complete disaster", and claimed people smugglers would target New Zealand because its visa arrangements offered a way to get into Australia. But Mr Dutton's claim is not the full story. New Zealand citizens travelling on a New Zealand passport are automatically granted a visa when entering Australia. This is because of a bilateral arrangement between New Zealand and Australia, known as the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement, which allows their citizens free movement between the two countries. However, people seeking asylum in New Zealand do not enjoy this privilege. Furthermore, asylum seekers granted refugee status would still require special travel documents and would need to apply for a visa before travelling to Australia. Experts told RMIT ABC Fact Check that asylum seekers faced a lengthy process before being in a position to travel freely between New Zealand and Australia, needing first to qualify for citizenship.
Verdict: Not the full story

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