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Fact sheet

Fact Check: Scott Morrison says police officers who own an investment property have just one. Is he correct?

Police Capital gains tax Negative gearing Property investment

Prime Minister Scott Morrison lambasted Labor's proposed changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax, using police officers as an example of those who may be affected. He claimed one in five police officers had just one an investment property, not many as Labor claimed. RMIT ABC Fact Check investigated whether police officers who owned investment properties had just "one", and found the Prime Minister's claim was a fair call. According to the most recent Tax Office statistics, the proportion of police who owned an investment property, negatively geared or otherwise, was 26 per cent, or one in four. Nearly 22 per cent, or one in five, claimed negative gearing deductions. While the Tax Office collects data on the number of investment properties people own, it's impossible to break this data down according to specific occupations. So there is no way of knowing for certain how many properties an individual police officer may own. Available statistics show that of all people with an interest in a rental property, 71 per cent have just one interest. Experts said there was no reason this statistic would differ drastically for police officers.

Verdict: Fair call

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