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The Australian government has asked the Productivity Commission to assess the progress of the Australian, State and Territory governments in achieving the objectives and outcomes of the National Water Initiative (NWI), and evaluate the need for future water reform. Specifically, the Commission will:

  • assess the progress of jurisdictions towards adopting the principles set out in the NWI
  • consider the outcomes (including benefits and opportunity costs) of reform efforts
  • consider the extent to which the NWI reforms help address emerging challenges faced by Governments, water providers and water users, such as climate change or changes in economic circumstances
  • make recommendations on future reform priorities, and ways in which the NWI could be improved.

This issues paper has been released to guide people in preparing a submission. It outlines a range of issues on which the Commission is seeking information and feedback. Participants are asked to provide evidence to support their views, including data and specific examples where possible.

Submissions are due by Friday 21 August 2020.

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