Caught short: exploring the role of small, short-term loans in the lives of Australians

13 Aug 2012

This report presents an insight into the role of small, short-term loans in the lives of Australians. This area of the financial services sector has been growing rapidly in Australia over the past two decades.
Our research aim was to explore the main reasons for this growth and its consequences, particularly from the perspective of borrowers.
The research was conducted as an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage study involving a partnership between RMIT University, The University of Queensland, The Queensland University of Technology, the National Australia Bank and Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service. Researchers interviewed people in Victoria, northern New South Wales and Queensland.
The report highlights a number of the more significant borrowing patterns of 112 individuals from these three states. Also presented are the perspectives of lenders, financial counsellors and other stakeholders. A discussion about policy directions and future research is included at the end of the report.
Image: Vectorportal / flickr

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