Discussion paper

Reopening NSW after COVID-19

Recommendations from McKell Institute’s ‘Reopening NSW’ digital roundtable
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On Tuesday May 26, the McKell Institute convened a digital roundtable discussion, soliciting ideas from business, academia, unions, and health experts on safe ways to reopen the New South Wales economy.

This discussion paper tables key areas of consensus arrived at during that round table.

This discussion paper seeks to explore those issues raised by a diverse group of stakeholders to provide input to policymakers in both Macquarie Street and Canberra who are now faced with the challenging task of safely reopening the economy.

While there was a great deal of consensus arrived at by the broad group of stakeholders present at the May 26 Roundtable, this discussion paper does not seek to formally speak for the participants or their organisations. The recommendations advanced in this report should not be interpreted as the formal positions of any one roundtable participant, nor the organisations they represent.

Rather, this discussion paper offers an insight into the challenges, concerns and ideas that a broad range of organisations have about safely and fairly reopening New South Wales’ economy to the benefit of all New South Wales residents and organisations.

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